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Album: Solace

"This record is hard as nails, and if you like riffs, you’ll like this. Add to that the fact that this band actually have something to say and the result is an album whose 35 minutes leave it's listeners fired up and ready to take on the world." Distorted Sound Magazine Our new album is streaming everywhere now!

Getting a proper full-length out as an unsigned band has not been easy but we refused to quit and here we are. We want to say thank you to everyone who backed us on our crowdfunder. We'd like to thank Charlie Wilson & Sauj at Monolith Studios London and Darren, Matt & Seth at Hold Tight for looking after us. Also shout out to Pete at Xvisua, Kallisti Poole MUA, Lee Davies, Big Jim at JMD Creative and everyone who has supported this band until this day.

Victims are not alone. Solace is heavy, for heavy times. Come and tear it up with us. Tour dates & tickets - May we all find solace.

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